About Liliann

We are frequently asked "where does the name Liliann come from"?

Quite simply, the name was derived from Ryan's beloved grandmother. Liliann was born in the West Midlands and had a career in retail sales. She married, had 3 children, who went on to give her 6 grandchildren. Ryan was the youngest and she continued to run her own retail store until ill health forced her to retire.

Sadly, Liliann died in 1991, aged 69 but left so many lovely memories for her family to treasure and now, Liliann in Coleshill honours her memory so perfectly.

Introducing Ryan


Well what can we say about our Ryan? The creative flare behind the beautiful clothing, d├ęcor and overall vision of Liliann. Ryan's passion for high end fashion is unrivalled (unless you find yourself at a Paris catwalk show of course!) Hailing from a hospitality background and the son of a builder Ryan discovered from a young age that he was less mud, sand, bricks and mortar and more, shoes, scarves, accessories and glamour. 

Ryan has a love of meeting people and offering exceptional customer service combined with his natural flair for what looks great on any woman made the choice to open his own boutique an easy one.If his experience in hospitality and retail has taught him anything it's that people don't want pushy sales but instead advice, a fantastic shopping experience and personal attention that makes you feel like Pretty Woman (the bit when they are nice to her not the other bit!) 

So, come and meet Ryan, if he can share a glass of his favourite pink champagne with you while you shop for that special occasion wear, then all the better!